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Guild Membership

Melbourne Actors Guild is an Actors Collective that train, perform and create together. Memberships are available on an annual basis and only within the 15 places. 

A Guild member is someone special.

They are curious. Dedicated. And 100% believe in acting. Having completed some formal training they are looking for a space to unleash their ambition and fulfil their creative destiny! They want to be surrounded by acting, theatre, music and community. They want to play, train, be challenged, collaborate and experiment.

For 12 months you'll gain access to the rehearsal studio, gym facilities, training opportunities, actor’s library and recording room.


Want to write a show and workshop it with actors? Got an idea for a podcast? Wish you had someone to motivate you for voice practice every week? Wish your knowledge included more of the classics?


Whatever stage you’re at in your career this group is here to support your creativity and work with you as we strive to become the best actors we can be.


As a creative community we evolve with you. With only 15 annual members per year; we are a small club that works together to develop our artistry and support one another’s development.  We organise instructor training and performance opportunities depending on what our members are looking for.

Members work together to practice, put on shows and create community events at the Guild. This community is for anyone who wants to learn something new, practice what they know and test their ideas. It is somewhere to find yourself and cultivate your creative identity. Here you have permission to be bold, to fail and to experiment, all while developing your practice. If actors had a sports club this would be it!

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What will a Guild Membership do for my acting?

A membership gives you access to professional quality facilities and connects you to a vibrant community of creative people.

  • Train consistently no matter your schedule with our flexible timetable of daily sessions

  • Have regular opportunities to perform with no audition process

  • Create quality self tapes without waiting on studios for last minute bookings

  • Connect with like minded people on the daily and nourish your acting practice and discipline

  • Build routine into your work and develop a professional standard of practice

  • Develop your uniqueness and establish your individual artistry

  • Discover new perspectives and ways of working then choose the ones that suit you!

Who is a membership for?

The Melbourne Actors Guild advocates for self-sufficiency, sustainable practice and individual creative expression.  A Guild membership is designed for any actor looking for a dedicated community who strive to fulfil their potential as performers and artists.


  • Performers looking for somewhere to keep showfit (On a professional, physical and mental level)

  • Recent graduates who want a ‘home base’ where they can return to consistently

  • Actors who want to cultivate their artistic expression and find and develop their personal uniqueness

  • Actors who want the facilities and resources to create and develop their own work

  • Actors looking for a professional setup to record self-tapes, casting calls and showreel material

  • Performers who are looking for a club of like minded people to support and work with them

  • Performers who are looking for opportunities to showcase their work to invite agents, directors and industry folk to

  • Theatre makers who want to develop shows and workshop their scripts

  • Actors who don't have an established routine for their practice and want one

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  • Free hire of Studio Space

  • Free hire of Recording Room

  • Unlimited Access to Daily Sessions

  • Unlimited Access to Gym

  • Unlimited Access to Library

  • Opportunity to perform at the Variety Nights

  • Locker

  • Guild Tee

  • Invite to exclusive events and workshops

  • Discounted tickets to shows & workshops

For 12 months!

Annual Membership


or $218 on a monthly payment plan

for 12 months

Entrances are made via application

2024 Memberships now open

Only 15 places offered per year.

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